Forest scene
Bubbling Cascade
Relaxing and evocative 'sound pictures' inspired by nature

Bubbling Cascade cover


Track listing
Bubbling Cascade (11':44") play clip 1 (1.0MB) play clip 2 (0.7MB)
Stargaze (4':21") play clip (0.7MB)
Forgotten World of Light (11':01") play clip 1 (0.9MB) play clip 2 (0.7MB)
The Timeless Journey (11':31") play clip 1 (1.1MB) play clip 2 (0.6MB)
A Walk in the Far Country (4':31") play clip (0.9MB)
Gulls (8':50") play clip (1.0MB)
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A selection of pieces, some lavishly orchestrated, others more instrumental or keyboard in character, inspired by nature and the universe, for listening pleasure. The CD cover insert is enhanced by an original watercolour painting and original poems.

Here's a review by RadioIndy

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Talented composer and keyboardist, Alan Hinde, releases another superb Ambient New Age/World music CD, "Bubbling Cascade." Hinde takes his visions of nature and creates an instrumental album that is not only rich in musical complexity but presents a palette of dreamy magical sounds. The title track, "Bubbling Cascade" lets you image a place where you can loosen up and calm down to the shimmering layers of the delicate and dreamy tones. Another song, "The Timeless Journey," is well orchestrated with exquisite strings that are richly textured. "Gulls," has a nice vibe as it breathes with a smooth intonation of silky Jazz wrapped into a sweet and charming melody. Hinde and his well crafted songs will take you to a place of peaceful serenity. So if you had a long and stressful day, then the beautiful album, "Bubbling Cascade" is just what you need to hear as you will find it amazingly relaxing.

Diane and the Reviewer Team 

Here's what another reviewer said of Bubbling Cascade.
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You’re relaxing in a bath loaded with essential oils, your neck and shoulder muscles blissfully releasing their tension, the meditation or bedroom session is still to come and…

Bubbling Cascade is playing gently in the background. It’s a perfect combination.

From the Japanese-inspired landscape watercolour on the cover through the dappled, flowing mood changes of the music within, Bubbling Cascade is a celebration of the beauty and harmony of the natural universe.

Sydney born composer Alan Hinde has put his whole creativity into this album which he recorded in his home studio. The cover is Alan’s own painting and two of his poems adorn the inside sleeve. Bubbling Cascade is in every sense the creation of its author.

Atmospheric and melodious, each piece has something to say about the flowingness of nature.

The title track [Bubbling Cascade] evokes the flavour of a chuckling stream. A bright, almost random melody sparkles against the deeper slower synth sound reminiscent of an underlying current, leading us to deeper waters. Timeless Journey moves forward with slow majestic grace, like a wordless hymn of creation. Surprisingly the last track Gulls shows a jazz influence. The sparsity of the piece gives a feeling of open sky while the spontaneous changes of melody and tempo evoke the gull’s freedom of flight.

The mood of the album changes from track to track yet always retains a feeling of beauty and harmony. It is always close to bliss.

Colin Kerr

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