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Alan Hinde: Piano music
A collection of 'poetic' piano solos

Here are some of my solo piano compositions. Click 'play' to listen. I am gradually making the scores available on SibeliusMusic, where they can be viewed along with comments and reviews. They can also be printed for a small fee. Click 'score' to go to the score. I am also featured on UnsignedSheetmusic.

Nocturne 5'14" S90ES play  score     'A lovely, dreamily insistent and infectious piece, effectively using enhanced tonality.' - R.A. Moulds
Drifting Leaf  4'46" GS30 play
Elegy 5'47" S90ES play  score
Impromptu No. 2 in F# minor 2'58" S90ES play  score
The Ice Land 1'49" GS30 play  score
Poem of Parting 3'26" GS30 play  score
Scherzando 1'30" GS30 play  score
Poem in B 5'30: GS30 play
Prelude in C ('Grasshopper') 1'46" GS30 play  score
Prelude in E 3'37" GS30 play  score
Pavane for the End of Time 3'49" GS30 play  score
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GS30: Played on a Kawai GS30 grand piano. Original analogue recording remastered to digital.
S90ES: Played on a Yamaha S90 ES digital piano/synthesizer. Recorded and mastered digitally.

(Note: some versions of iTunes may not properly play the m3u playlists)

I welcome serious pianists and performers who would like to play or perform any of these works. If the score is not available I can probably get one to you soon. Please contact me if interested.

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