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The Twilight of Dreams
Music for meditation and deep relaxation

The Twilight of Dreams cover Track listing
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The Twilight of Dreams is music improvised during two meditations using delicate synthesised vibraphone-like sounds, and its gentle melodic strains are designed to assist the listener in reaching deep states of relaxation and meditation and experiencing inner journeys.

It is also suitable for quietening the mind, aiding sleep, and as a background to massage and other therapies and environments requiring gentle uplifting music.

Originally released on cassette it has now been digitally re-mastered, using the original midi-file performance, for release on CD.

The Twilight of Dreams was recommended by Nevill Drury in 'Healing Music' (Andrew Watson & Nevill Drury, Nature & Health Books, 1987), and in 'Nature & Health' magazine, Winter, 1987.

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Alan Hinde is one of the most recent arrivals on the Australian new-age music scene. While The Twilight of Dreams is understated and somewhat akin to Steven Halpern’s minimal style of music, Hinde’s background and personal interests have been quite diverse, encompassing classical music and jazz.

Hinde studied piano and viola with private teachers and then electronic styles at the Canberra School of Music. Mostly he specialised in piano composition, but in 1984 he began using a synthesiser. He was already interested in relaxation and healing, and preparing The Twilight of Dreams - which is essentially improvised music for meditation - was a natural progression.

The music on this cassette [and CD] was played on a Yamaha DX7 synthesiser and runs for 30 minutes on each side - which is rather good value these days. Mellow and gentle, it was actually recorded during two meditation sessions, which gives it an added dimension. Personally, I think The Twilight of Dreams is very effective as a meditative backdrop and will prove popular with therapists using progressive relaxation as part of their approach.

Nevill Drury

It was also reviewed in Southern Crossings, June/July, 1987.
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This is music for meditation - where you go to still the hectic conscious mind and be in that quiet place where you are one with spirit. The Twilight of Dreams has a quiet flowing softness, almost subliminal, ...Alan Hinde has composed this improvised music whilst in a meditation using synthesised piano. He appeared recently in Sydney providing background music for Denise Linn in a past-life seminar, effecting a hypnosis through sound, a spiral into the subconscious. Recreated excellently on this cassette [and CD], waves of motion suspend the conscious self to allow you to travel in your mind to your own place of peace.

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